Are you bad at making good decisions for YOU?

Are you bad at making good decisions for YOU?

Let’s think about this….? When something is “off” in life (like an illness, career or relationship crisis), our body feels it, doesn’t it? If our body is “off” in some way due to the consequences of our daily work or home life, we can be the slowest to respond to these signals because they are about US. We may even try to ignore them. It’s odd really when you think about it, isn’t it?

To put this in context, understandably, we are told in the event of a plane malfunction to put our own oxygen mask on before trying to help others. It is the same with stress related tension or physical body malfunction..Let’s face it, we simply won’t be able to look after everyone else if we don’t look after ourselves first.

Why are we so bad at this? There seems to be a self-destructive streak in humans. Also, have you noticed that all the things we enjoy like chocolate, cake, staying up late are perhaps “bad” for us? Why is it so challenging to follow a “healthy lifestyle?”

Why is it more comfortable to slump in the chair rather than sit up?              ( Slouching inhibits our organs from working properly which can affect digestion too.) Also, our posture becomes affected and our musculoskeletal frame can become mis-aligned which in turn can cause stiffness and lack of movement or joint pain. But we still slouch on the couch.

We know we need a certain amount sleep at night and we know that coffee at 8pm is probably not going to help this but we still do it. Why are humans really not good at making good decisions to aid our health and well-being?

Let,s face it – our modern lifestyle is good but it comes with a host of CONSEQUENCES.

At work many of us sit for hours on end at our computers, tablets or we are bent over our phones texting and scrolling through everyone else’s lives on Social Media. This contributes to aches, pains, tensions and mental stress.

Even our food is not as nutritious as it used to be. It is said we need to eat 4 times as much fruit and veg to get the same quantity of vitamins and minerals as we did in the 1950’s when food wasn’t unnaturally forced to be present in our food shops out of season. (Think about the taste of apples or strawberries when you were young compared to the last apple you bit into.) Sadly, this makes it easier for us to become sick.

Then if we look at the opposite end of the health and well being spectrum…thanks to social media, we are constantly being bombarded with experts from all angels. The latest health threat in today’s society is probably “information overloaditis”
But fear not! Our Outsidethebox course of Pure Relaxation Therapy is here! Let us help you focus on YOU.

Our PRT course could be your path to optional well being? And your Future! It can help you to cope with life’s ups and downs, your body and mind tensions and stresses.

PRT is a great treatment for anyone who has aches, pains, stiffness in joints or soreness in muscles too. Our treatments are relaxing and gentle whilst being effective because they are targeted to your specific needs.

Our massage and geo thermal therapy treatments increase the micro circulation in our body which in turn stimulates the flow of fluids and nutrients in the body. You will feel more vital and flexible after your treatment. At Outsidethebox we are helping you to create a new standard in health and well being FOR YOU.

We are all living longer and so strive to be fitter and move well longer. Our physical health has never been more important yet characteristically we are bad at doing things that will help us to sustain this one year, three years, five years or even twenty years from now.

Let me help you realise your body is more intuitive than you think it is!
Let me help you make a good decision for your future health and wellbeing!

If you are the kind of person who likes to control your health and well being today and tomorrow, why not take your first step to staying in optimum health for longer and pay us a regular monthly visit? That’s just one hour out of approximately 744 hours a month you have…. depending on the month of course…

At Outsidethebox I believe I have created opportunities to give people a new natural standard in health and well-being.. this is why I have moved mountains in my life to become a very unique Skincare and Massage Therapist/ My Life’s Mission is to help all sorts of people with all sorts of skin issues, aches and pains, stresses and strains as a result of their daily life-work balance or just what life has thrown at them to deal with… anyone infact from 16 to 116.

How painful is it to be you right now? Your one hour per month treatment will help you stay focused mentally and physically and you will start to feel fabulous again. For a strictly limited time you can join our re-aligned, de-stressed, happier in their skin clients with our

Bespoke Pure Relaxation Therapy

…. which is totally tailored to YOUR NEEDS. Your one hour session can be weekly, two weekly or monthly and will incorporate all aspects of our service and expertise. This is from skin care to muscle and movement care.

“I highly recommend this as l am going every week now to help me with my trauma l have recently experience .. Enjoy and Book its so so worth looking after your well being ..”

Debbie Day

“Jules is fantastic I had head shoulders and neck massage just pure bliss , I highly recommend her.”

Marilyn Fajardo Johnson

“Love love love OTB. I have really problematic cystic acne and have only been seeing Jules for a few months as and when I am back in the country but love the versatility of the products. The pain associated with it has pretty much gone and the scarring has subsided already. I mix and match the make up with the moisturizer products and they all work well together whatever look your going for.
Really enjoy using the Cleanse and soothe as a face mask, leave it on for 10-15 mins and really takes the irritation and redness out of my skin.. So nice to use natural, simple products that don’t break the bank and that your skin thanks you for!”

Pip Clarke

Why not reverse the trend and make a good decision for YOU right now?

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