Anti-Ageing Marine Collagen Tapping Pots!

Anti-Ageing Marine Collagen Tapping Pots!

so…What’s NEW?! What have I got for you!? You are going to LOVE this new skincare technique and natural product combination…especially if you have or want to put off having droopy facial skin or fine lines and wrinkles?

Have you heard of Collagen Tapping? It’s almost a Miracle for your skin!

I agree, it’s impossible to completely stop ageing…but you can give it a helping hand to slow down! After the age of about 20 each year our naturally produced collagen decreases. Collagen is the building blocks of good skin. Skin tapping (“Tapotement”) is a neurophysiological technique. The tapping is going to send afferent bombardment messages to the brain this will in turn send efferent motor signals back to our facial muscles. Using the Outsidethebox Marine Collagen will provide collagen to the skin topically but we are giving it a double whammy of goodness by stimlulating the facial muscles..NOT by rubbing them but by tapping them. We are in effect “waking up” our facial muscles.

By stimulating the facial muscles in this way we will not only stimulate blood supply but we will also stimulate the lymphatic system. If the toxins that have built up in the lymph nodes of which there are many in your face and neck aren’t flushed out this will inhibit collagen production too.

For the technique start with some of our Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil (I have put together a set to make it easy for you!) on your fingers and of course a few drops over your face so there is no dragging of the skin. Please make sure your hands are clean!

Take two fingers – your first finger and middle finger work best. Start tapping between the eyebrows and tap quite gently working from the middle of the eyebrows to the outside hairline. 3 times. Work across to cover the entire forehead area along different lines. Next we will take the two fingers and make small firm circular motions all along the forehead covering the entire area. 3 times.
Next we are going to tap under our eyes. This is a delicate area so please use light pressure, working from the nose out to the ears. Do this 3 times. Now stimulate above the eyes and below the eyebrows and lightly tap all along this area. 3 times Follow with gentle circular movements.
Next go to your cheekbones and tap across the cheeks until you reach the ears with tapping, then cover the same area again with small circles 3 times each movement.

Now move down to the mandibular region (your jaw). There are a lot of Lymph nodes under the chin. Start tapping..tap up from the chin to the ears. 3 times. Now grab with two fingers this time your THUMB and forefinger of each hand. This time start squeeing outwards and up to the ears and then back the starting position at your chin to stimulate the lymph nodes in this area.

Now lets focus on our necks.
Start just above the clavicle and with the heel of your hand press firmly but sill gently into your neck in all the way up to your ears.

The key to this technique is to do this consistently every day. Our Tapping pots are ideal to pop into your bag so at lunchtime at work, you can give your skin a perfect collagen boost by tapping- you needn’t do the entire routine just whatever part your like-
(This can also be done OVER your makeup as our Marine Collagen product is so light. If you have time in the mornings this will be a great start to waking you up and at night before bed it will stimulate the natural collagen production to work on your skin through the night!

Of course I also recommend a balanced diet, plenty of sleep and drink lots of water to flush out those toxins in our skin!

Happy Tapping!
Jules :Dxx