Adult Acne? Outsidethebox Products and Treatments could help

Adult Acne? Outsidethebox Products and Treatments could help

Most of us know someone who suffers with Adult Acne, or we have experienced it in various guises ourselves. Acne is a chronic inflammation of the sebaceous and sweat glands. It affects nearly every adolescent. It affects men and women equally, although women tend to get it earlier than men. The peak age for clinical acne is 18 in both sexes.

Increased sebum production merges with dead skin cells which haven’t been effectively shed, resulting in clogged up follicles and a build up of oil-producing blackheads and whiteheads.
This build-up creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to multiply triggering inflammation and the appearance of Comedones. These are either “Open” (dilated pores with black plugs of melanin-containing keratin, or “Closed” (whiteheads- small cream coloured dome shaped papules. The severity of Acne depends on the number and extent of the lesions, with cysts being the most deeply rooted, painful and destructive.

Most people see an improvement in their condition in their early twenties but sometimes the disorder can present well into the sufferers’fifties.(This is predominantly found in women.)

Embarrassment, social withdrawal, lack of confidence and in extreme cases, clinical depression are complications that may present in addition to the physical scarring as a result of acne. The level of treatment will depend of the type and extent of both the acne and the person’s psychological state.

Most sufferers will have gone through a raft of “solutions”- from topical over the counter remedies to drugs from their Doctor. Steroids are often prescribed but may cause irritation, contact allergy and bleach clothing. The side effects of another popular prescribed drug: Retinoids,include cracked lips, dry skin, nose bleeds, hair loss, muscle aches and mood changes. That said, correct diagnosis by a qualified physician or dermatologist is essential to ensure appropriate treatment.

If you are using topical steroids your Doctor will usually prescribe the lowest potency first. It is important to look out for side effects..especially skin atrophy (thinning of the skin) around the eyes.Emollients can help reduce the amount of topical steroid required by enhancing the rehydration of the Epidermis. (Please note that OTB is pleased to assist you with information about essential oil products and bespoke solutions for your skin concerns but we are not licensed medical professionals and therefore cannot provide you with any medical advice or information. If you require medical advice or information, please contact a medical professional. Please remember the information proposed in all and any consultations is for educational purposes only. The bespoke proposals as a result of your skin issue consultation at Outsidethebox are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

However, it is true to say OTB’s products and skin treatments have helped alleviate (not 100% cure) clients’symptoms. One such client was the lovely Pip Myram. Here is what Pip says:

“These products** and Jules are incredible – I have suffered from problematic skin since the age of 13 and now at 27 with painful cystic adult acne and these products have completely changed the way I look at skin care and for the better. Going back to basics with natural ingredients and the most gentle techniques has worked wonders already. Jules is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her products and the facials are to die for! Thank you, would thoroughly recommend these products and treatments to anyone with problem skin especially, but also for a luxurious affordable spoil there is nothing better ❤❤

So why not book your FREE online, Skype or telephone initial consultation now and see if OTB can help you (or someone you know), in the battle against Adult Acne?

Here is Pip’s recommended Night time and Day time routine, which has helped her so much:

Home Use:
Night time Routine

Use Organic Face Wash- Castile Soap to begin the deep cleansing process – Your skin will benefit from its anti bacterial properties.
Continue to cleanse with Cleanse and Soothe Cleanser…Massage gently into skin. Rinse off with tepid water. Pat dry. You may also apply onto cotton wool pads and wipe over face if preferred
Spritz with Organic Witch Hazel toner. Allow to dry. (Do not get in eyes as this will sting!)
Take a few drops of Genius Serum and pat into affected areas.
Apply a small amount of Bergamot and Rose Geranium Luxury Moisturiser over face and neck.
Brush on a light dusting of Night Treatment powder over face and neck.

Morning Routine

After bathing,
Spritz with Organic Witch Hazel toner. Allow to dry.
Apply a small amount of Bergamot and Rose Geranium Luxury Moisturiser over face and neck.
Mix a little concealer and Genius Serum and apply over affected areas. Blend out.
Apply sunscreen ( if required ) mixed with our Natural Mineral Foundation or brush on light layers of the Foundation until the level of cover you seek is achieved.