About Jules Derrick, Founder

About Jules Derrick, Founder

Do you ever get the feeling you are in the wrong shoes career wise? I did.  As a result, in October 2012 I decided to change footwear. It was a massive change. Quite scary. But I haven’t looked back and consequently, I am happier, a whole lot healthier and I am doing something that I absolutely love and believe in.

I have always been a creative little soul. Back when there were “A” Levels, I took Art, English Literature and French. All were to later have a part to play in  my life, so my choices were solid even at that tender age.

At 19 I fell in love and got married. I stopped my Regional Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design at Taunton College of Arts and Technology- although I was told I was destined for good things- As it turns out , it was not a bad choice as 45 years later we are well worn, having experienced trauma and tragedy, happiness and heartache but still recognise the value of loving someone even if that love takes on different guises at different times.

So, how did I get to work in makeup? Healthy makeup at that. What on earth is “healthy” makeup?

I thought for ages about what I wanted to do. I knew it was going to be creative. I knew that Fashion Design wasn’t an option as you really need to be 100 years younger than me to make your mark and so what else could I do?

Fate then took charge. I was beginning to experience “break outs”on my face especially around my eyes. My eyelids would swell, almost close over my eyes so I looked as though I had been in a boxing ring with Muhammed Ali or similar. My face would feel as though it was on fire  and blisters or weals would sometimes appear on my cheeks. It was very debilitating and talk about confidence zapping. Horrendous. For years I have used some of the most expensive brands- I won’t name them as I will probably end up with a legal battle on my hands but something in me was reacting to this. When I stopped using the cosmetics I didn’t get the issues. But seriously I am not the most blessed in the looks department and so really needed to find something I could use which my skin approved of too, so I could feel human again.

image of Jules derrick eyes affected by makeup

I looked online and discovered mineral makeup. I tried several of the big brands. It seemed to work. I looked into makeup more and more and decided that what I wanted to do was to become  a Makeup Artist but with my own Mineral Brand of makeup. And to cut a long story short., that is exactly what I did.

jules derrick eyes after using mineral makeup

Why then call it Outsidethebox Makeup? If you ever have tried to think of a name for a band (either for yourself or a family member or friend), you will know this is even harder than writing the actual tunes. As I studied, I loved all the varieties of makeup: Decorative, Bridal, Fantasy, Drag, Theatrical…. and then there was skin camouflage. Now this really inspired me. To use non-invasive makeup to be able to help people ( men as well as women) overcome the debilitating stigma that skin issues can leave you with was like a revelation.

So I wanted to find a product that could cross all of these paths. My additional training at the British Association of Skin Camouflage was illuminating and inspiring. This is one of the areas where I know my makeup artistry can make a valuable difference. More to come on this as we go forward. Suffice to say for now that my approach to makeup is holistic. To me, makeup is “Not just a beauty thing” – it literally is not just about how it makes you look but how it makes you FEEL.

As I continued my journey I started to learn the art of massage and body treatments including my wonderful Signature facials. As clients were with me I also noticed that often the mind and body had become disconnected. I looked into many therapies I could train in to help alleviate this issue..and that’s when I became an Hypnosis Aficionado! Now a Professional Hypnotist, I have an Ericksonian favoured style of Hypnosis, although the more direct Elman Hypnosis technique is also used. My Unique to you Hypnosis sessions are just that. If you have something you would like to change about you ( if you are in a “stuck state” ) and believe you would benefit from a complimentary online consultation with me, please use the contact form on my website to get in touch. There is no obligation to further invest in Hypnotherapy or any other of my products or services.  I have studied with World renowned Hypnotists such as Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson(CANADA), Jason Linett, Dr Richard Nongard and Lori Hammond (USA) and Karl Smith (UK). I am a proud member of BABTAC and ICBCH.

So, dear reader, a warm welcome to Outsidethebox health and well being community. Inside of hypnotherapy, I specialise in helping those who have tried everything to weigh less physically and emotionally. I offer a weekly support newsletter open to all – https://outsidetheboxmakeup.co.uk/sign-up-to-the-mailing-list/sign up here:  to receive news and  product tips and tricks, I will also send you a free ebook on hypnosis as a thank you for your support! I share issues, news, views, what works, what doesn’t across Mineral makeup, Organic Skincare, massage Therapy and Hypnotherapy.   Please feel free to join us at any time. Thank you.

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