The 8 Game Changer Benefits of Facial Massage

The 8 Game Changer Benefits of Facial Massage

Feeling the need to rejuvenate?

Seeking some relaxation time?


Looking to nurture and reconnect with yourself?  

Decided a Natural Facial Treatment is just the solution you seek?

Thats great! BUT did you also realise that Facial Massage:

  • Stimulates muscle tone…making your skin look firm and younger
  • Stimulates the Lymph System….helps get rid of toxins
  • Stimulates Oxygen to the blood….promoting “healthier “skin
  • Changes the skin tone and helps it to become soft and smooth
  • Helps even your skin tone…a recognised factor to looking younger!
  • Help banish dark grey under eye circles
  • Done regularly, it will help you to detoxify your skin and help reduce large pores
  • As well as make you and your skin happy too!

Conclusion?! A Natural Facial Treatment is something your skin NEEDS is NOT a FRILL!


So, now you know that in our quest to look better longer, Facial Massage is not a luxury but probably a necessity, at Outsidethebox we are offering a set of 3 Facial treatments (We suggest one a week as a launch programme to healthier skin) for just £60 (Usually £75! Payable at booking to secure this amazing discount!)

 If you would like to try one first, reserve your Natural Facial Treatment session (only £25) with us now!

Also, for a limited time ONLY book a Mineral Makeup Masterclass too and enjoy both sessions for only £40

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