7 Steps to a Successful Stopping Smoking Mindset

7 Steps to a Successful Stopping Smoking Mindset



Hypnosis has been found to be one of the most successful methods of helping people
just like you quit smoking, and I look forward to you benefiting from this article.
I’m here to help. This article is designed to help you prepare yourself for the best success in kicking that habit of smoking cigarettes. Making use of any of these seven steps will place you onto a greater path toward health and happiness. I know you find it valuable, and please consider sharing it with any others you know that are planning to quit smoking.
Let’s get right to it…


1.) Label it as a habit
What is a habit? It’s when you automatically think about doing something. Consider the
actions of most smokers: you get out of the car, you have a cup of coffee, you finish a
meal… and during each of these triggers there’s a cigarette in hand. It’s no longer a
conscious choice, it’s an action of association: the same way that Dr. Pavlov could ring
a bell and make his dogs salivate as if they were being fed.
How many times have you thought about doing something, and simply decided there
was something better to do? Perhaps you thought about buying something, and then
decided your money was better spent on something else? Of course, that’s also true of
cigarettes! The behaviour is simply a thought, and it’s a thought that no longer has to
have power over you.
Through hypnosis, you will walk out after your first session knowing and believing that
there’s always something better to do than smoke!

2.) Change your words, change your mind

Our English language has two words that people use all the time, and these two words
are a recipe for failure.
“I’m trying to quit smoking.”
“I hope I can quit smoking.”
Let’s start with the word TRY. This word “try” sets up the mental expectancy that you
cannot do it. If I asked you to try and take a pencil out of my hand, and you reached
over and took it, understand that you may have been successful in removing the pencil
from my hand, but you didn’t quite follow the instructions. Instead of TRYING, you
The word HOPE is just as bad. Hope is taking all personal responsibility and handing it
off to the world to fix it for you. Understand that there’s only one person in the world
that can MAKE you quit smoking, and that’s YOU.
Quitting smoking is like a light switch. It’s either on, or it’s off. You either do it or you
don’t do it.
Everything begins with you. The entire process is customised to fit your needs.

3. Let Go of those Cigarettes and build an environment of success.

Are you ready to start breathing easier, smelling better, and save your life? I’m here to
help. I have discovered there are two types of people who go through this process: the ones who tell EVERYBODY they’re quitting smoking, and the ones who tell NOBODY they’re quitting smoking. I’ve even had a client show up and announce that even their spouse didn’t know they had signed up for hypnosis sessions!
Consider the subconscious message which is being expressed here: “If it doesn’t work,
people won’t know.”
First of all, I have found great success with both types of people. I’m here to support
you however you decide to change.
Can you guess which one found the success the easiest? The one who told everybody!
Building a supportive environment sends that message to the inner mind that you’re
stopping smoking for real this time and that’s the end of it. What do I suggest? Tell
everyone you meet. Post it on Facebook. Announce the time of your first session.
Take a video of you throwing away your cigarettes. Have fun with it; you’re
doing something wonderful for yourself!

4.) Release self-limiting beliefs
Now that you’ve just now read some great advice on how to pat yourself on the back
and brag of your success to your friends and family. But what if your family, friends,
and coworkers are still smoking?
I’ve seen it all. The wife is quitting, but the husband doesn’t want to smoke. The hotel
manager is quitting, but his entire staff smokes. The Managing Director is quitting, but he smokes with the CEO each day. These situations are usually expressed
as “It’s going to be hard to do this because…”
Hypnotists help people change their minds. I like to ask the magical “What if…?”
questions. What if the fact that everyone smokes around you can now become every
reason you don’t have to do that to yourself anymore?
I’ve also heard this kind of statement shared in reference to medical diagnosis,
everyday anxieties, and stress. Well, what if the fact that life is occasionally stressful
can now become every reason you don’t have to put undue stress on your heart and
lungs by polluting your body with poisons?
What if this could be the easiest thing you do in a long time? Which leads to…

5.) Simplify it
What do you have to do in order to be successful with this goal?
You used to do something. Now you don’t have to do it anymore.
In clinical studies, hypnosis has been found to have upwards of a 90% success rate for smoking cessation, while more “popular”
methods result much lower.
You have two options. You could continue on the same path you’ve been on so long
with the cigarettes, or you could take action and change your life. I’m here to help you become that healthy non-smoker you deserve to be.
More stop-smoking-goodness…

6.) Understand it
I’ll keep this step brief as I want you to spend some time online.
Search for how long it takes for the nicotine to leave your body. The answer you’ll likely
find? Three days. You literally pee it out. Increase your water intake, and you may be
able to speed it up.
Google the words “nicotine replacement therapy” and words likes “success” or
“efficacy.” I’m guiding you to studies about things like the nicotine patch or nicotine
chewing gum or mints. I could give you the links, but it’s fun to find it on your own.
You’ll note that many studies found success rates only as high as about 20-25%. In the
same studies, the control group received a placebo (inactive patch or gum) and found
around 15-20% success. The nicotine replacement techniques were only a small
fraction above something that was make-believe. The bottom line? With that
technique, likely four out of five people will fail.
What does this mean? If it really were just about the nicotine, those techniques would
work. Every time. But they don’t. It’s a habit, it’s a behaviour, it’s just a thought.
I help people change their mind.

7.) Have the right motivation
Why do you want to do this? Did your doctor tell you to stop? Would your partner stop
giving you a hard time if you quit? Do you just think it would be a good idea to quit
smoking? Would it be nice to save a little extra money?
These are all good reasons, but they’re not the reason that’s going to make you
successful. The one mindset that is going to produce the best result is if you can
honestly look at those cigarettes and tell them:
“I don’t like you, and I don’t want you in my life anymore.”
Despite what you’ve seen in movies or on television, hypnosis is not mind-control. It’s a
100% consent state. It’s a process of relaxing the mind and body into a natural ability in
which the mind is more receptive to positive suggestion, insight, and releasing negative
Yes, those other reasons mentioned above are important, but you’ve got to do it for
yourself. This is your goal, and the more you own it, the more success and ease you
will experience. I can help you make this change in your life.

What is Hypnosis?
From movies and television, we get the perception that hypnosis may involve a loss of
control. You’ll quickly discover that it’s the opposite of that. Hypnosis is a process of
helping you to take control of your life: your habits, behaviours, emotions, beliefs, and
feelings. Consider your mind to be the massive organic computer that it is. This is a
process in which you learn how to program yourself for success.
Have you ever found yourself driving somewhere, thinking about everything other than
driving, and you ended up missing an exit, or suddenly you were home? That
bypassing of conscious awareness is a natural example of a hypnotic moment.
Watching a movie is also a hypnotic experience. You consciously know everything in it
is fiction, yet we laugh and cry as if the characters were real people.
Consider the fact that you’d like to stop smoking, and yet there you are still smoking.
Congratulations. You’re already doing hypnosis. I’m just going to help you do it better.
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind which everyone has the capability of achieving.
Everyone has the ability to be hypnotised. There’s no such thing as someone who
cannot achieve the state. You simply follow a series of easy instructions and you are there within a few moments. You hear and remember everything, and you’re in
control of your actions the entire process. Again, hypnosis is a process of helping you
to take control of your life.
Everything begins with you.

The Sweet Smell of Success
You don’t have to gain weight when you quit smoking.
However, why do many people pack on the pounds as soon as they’ve quit? Some
would perhaps say it’s an oral fixation, and they need to replace the habit. Others might
claim it’s a distraction away from the old behaviours.
The interesting thing to learn is that there is a bit of science to why some people would
gain weight from quitting smoking.
There are many chemical additives in cigarettes, such of formaldehyde, cyanide, and
arsenic, but did you know what common “poison” is contained in most brands?
Click here to read the article on sugar and cigarettes:
Some would argue that the “evil cigarette companies” added sugar as it was just
another addictive thing to “hook their minions of smokers.” I would actually guess that
the sugar was added to mask the stink of all the other chemicals.
So you suddenly stop smoking, and the body goes into the mode where it wants that
sugary sweetness once again. And then comes the FOOD.
With hypnosis, we do it differently. It’s true that your senses will come alive as you
eliminate the behaviour. Foods will smell and taste better. We utilise this fact and
reinforce water consumption – and the fun fact is many of our clients even might lose a
few pounds during the process!
Are you ready to taste the sweet smell smell of success?

Mind-Blowing Facts about Quitting Smoking
Your body may be stronger than you thought it was!
As my clients share the reasons why they want to quit smoking, very often the benefits
they’re seeking including feeling better, breathing easier, saving money, and many other
common goals.
Most of these may seem subjective, though do you know all the benefits you might
experience as you quit smoking?
A recent study published a timeline on the benefits of smoking cessation. Here are a
few I found interesting:
* In 20 minutes, your blood pressure and pulse rate will have returned to normal.
* In 8 hours, the residual nicotine in the bloodstream is reduced more than 90%.
* In 2 weeks, your risk of heart attack has started to drop.
* In a month, any sinus congestion related to smoking will decrease.
* In five years, your risk of stroke is the same as a non-smoker.
Check out the timetable here:
The report is interesting as it make many references to stress, anger, and other
frustrations that may be expected. As one of the benefits of hypnotism is the natural
stress relief of the process, we can help you reach your goals with much less

Stop it.
How do you quit smoking?
Stop it.
Watch this video for a laugh:

Hypnosis is a lot more effective than this, and together we can make the result this

Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Throw out your cigarettes and smile about it!
It’s a common misconception that quitting smoking is supposed to turn you into a
miserable wreck, but a recent study at Brown University turned many frowns upside
The study tracked people who were quitting smoking while making regular check-ups to
monitor symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Researchers found that “the
ones who managed to abstain throughout the study period had the highest levels of
So you already knew that quitting would improve the health of your hearts, lungs, and
skin, but it turns out you can smile your way to health!
Check out the full article here:

Get Hypnotised (Why it Works)
People often ask me why is it that hypnosis works so well for quitting smoking.
Here’s a bit of fun history. If you research back several hundred years, it turns out that
the original people who pioneered the hypnotism profession were using this process as
a means of anaesthesia to support surgeries or even amputation. This may sound crazy,
but remember this was a time in which chemical anaesthesia had not yet been invented.
The good news is that we don’t have to cut you open and perform a surgery to help you
quit smoking. The better news is that we can use the same techniques they used to
numb the body from pain to numb cravings, urges, and any other residual effects the
nicotine may have had while you become a nonsmoker.
This process also works on the non-smoker’s mindset. Would you like to be that
reformed non-smoker who has to rub it in the face of every smoker that you’ve
successfully quit? Would you like to go through life physically free of the cigarettes but
wishing you still could smoke every time you saw them? I thought not.
The goal of this process is to help you step back into life AS IF YOU’VE NEVER
SMOKED BEFORE. The more empowered mindset is to just leave this behind in your
past and take back control of your life.
Are you ready to make this change? If so, I’m here to help. Call me today at 01934 823820 and we’ll knock out this thing together.
Are you still interested in quitting smoking?