6 quick steps to create a Mermaid!

6 quick steps to create a Mermaid!

If fancy dress makes you smile but you can never decide what or who to go as…..why not try a Mermaid!?

Here is a quick mermaid makeup with Outsidethebox Healthy Mineral makeup:




Brought to you by;

Foundation: Wilds Oats

Concealer: Feverfew

Finishing Powder: Iridescent

Eyeshadows: Valerian, Aspen, Periwinkle

Cheeks: Yellow Pimpernell and sprinkles of Eyebright

Lips: Buddleia and Monkey Orchid Lip Gloss


And to finish..hair colours: Brush colour pigments of Toadflax ( Blusher)  and Keaki (Shadow)

All safe in the knowledge that sammie’s youthful and precious skin will be nurtured by using Outsidethebox Healthy Mineral Makeup.