New Natural Makeup & Skincare Studio opens at Penny Brohn UK

New Natural Makeup & Skincare Studio opens at Penny Brohn UK

At Outsidethebox we couldn’t be happier! It’s taken a while but our learning curve in supplying 100% natural makeup and skincare products to you has been steep but very helpful.

Your business, feedback, support, interest, understanding and delight is making it’s mark, so we wanted to share with you, wonderful supporter, our plans for the second half of our second year of trading.

There are so many paths that could be followed in order to reach as many people as possible who would benefit from these beautiful skin regenerating yet simple, natural products. Jules, Founder and CEO of the company, is a people person. She loves seeing the joy that her little tips and tricks give people with all sorts of skin issues, (and even those that are fortunate enough to have good skin of course!). According to you, those tips and tricks have helped you get the most out of your newly selected 100% natural, vegan friendly, cruelty free makeup and skincare. Thank you.

Here’s where you can find us to help continue that journey: ( We warn you it’s not the most usual route to reach customers but to us its a brilliant “outsidethebox” mix of online and offline opportunity!)

  1. The Nails Market, St Nicholas Markets, Corn Street, Bristol. Some Saturdays from 10am-5pm. 

This is the most dynamic marketing environment we have ever experienced. The camaraderie between the Market Stall Holders is brilliant. The weather is our fortune. The outdoor Nails Market is in a truly historic setting..a Trading Market began here in 1743!!  Some Traders have been there for years, others come and go on a weekly basis. This combination makes it so interesting and never stale.  Our customers are a diverse bunch. They are  interesting, encouraging, complimentary and sometimes even a little frustrating!  But we love it when you “get” what we do. Thank you! No two weeks are the same. We never know who will turn up at our stalls or what their needs will be. Its exhilarating, exhausting but most of all, very emotionally rewarding. We also visit Frome Magpie Market and Teweksbury Farmer’s Market from time to time as well as seasonal Festivals and Events.

2. Here on our website and Social Media Platforms...You can order products online and chat to us if you  need any help.  We will continue to use these platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Mailchimp to connect with you and share new products and events.  We have tried Buffer. This is an automated posting scheduler which can be pre programmed with posts and repeat posts. Slick. But it didn’t feel right to us. We know we could do better with Social Media but we are hopefully improving? Things like SEO optimisation are still not fully understood…is this what we want to be doing? Maybe not. (Please no emails to help, this has now been happily outsourced.)

At Outsidethebox we love growing “organically”… slowly but surely, by reputation. What about improving our follow up service offer?…we know we still have a long way to go … #watchthisspace ..but what we have learnt about Social Media more than anything is…to say it from the heart. We couldn’t be any other way to be honest.

Now we have saved the newest and most exciting news to last. (You knew we would!)

3. Monday March 20th 2017, will see the VIP launch of Outsidethebox’s Natural Makeup and Skincare Studio at Penny Brohn UK.

What is Penny Brohn UK?

In their own words:

“Penny Brohn UK provides life-changing support and advice to people affected by cancer. We  rely on voluntary donations and are grateful for any support! We help people live well with the impact of cancer through a combination of physical, psychological, nutritional and emotional support known as the Penny Brohn Whole Person approach. We are able to provide our services free of charge, thanks to the charitable donations and voluntary contributions which fund our work. We help people live well with the impact of cancer by offering the “Bristol Whole Life Approach”.
People with cancer and their families can explore which lifestyle choices are right for them by finding out about eating well, learning simple techniques to help manage stress and discover which physical activities are beneficial.  We give people the space and the time for reflection and to focus on themselves.
It costs us over £2million each year to keep our doors open. We are able to provide our services free of charge, thanks to the charitable donations and voluntary contributions which fund our work.”

Chapel Pill Lane, Pill
Bristol, United Kingdom
Call 0303 300 0118

Outsidethebox Natural Makeup and Skincare ( is now one of several businesses delighted to be working from Penny Brohn UK). We will be offering:

Luxury Facial Treatments and Mineral Makeup Masterclasses  

The sessions comprise of:

  • Natural Facial Treatments using 100% natural mineral makeup, skincare oils , natural toners, exfoliators and face masks. (We will also soon be launching our EXCLUSIVE “Soothe and Cleanse” Cleanser and “Rose Geranium and Bergamot Luxury Moisturiser”) . Our hands on facial treatments using natural skincare products will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed. It will further promote detoxification, elasticity and healthy skin. This will be followed by tips and tricks on Outsidethebox mineral makeup, how it works, the benefits to your skin and how it will help you retain good skin. Consultations will be made relevant to those who are suffering the effects of Radio or Chemo therapy but who still would like a pamper session and a boost to dealing with facial hair loss and how the effects may be minimised with our natural makeup and skincare products that are chemical free and so gentle.
  • Sessions are approximately 60 minutes and may be either a Facial Treatment or Makeup Masterclass or a combination consultation.
  • Cost: £40 per combined consultation or £25 for either individual 30 minute session, if this is preferred.
  •  Visit Outsidethebox at Penny Brohn UK,

    Penny Brohn UK, Studio T15, Chapel Pill Lane, Pill, Bristol BS20 0HH

    You are invited to enjoy the gardens weather permitting and if you call before 10am on the day, lunch may be booked at Reception.


  • 1-2-1 Paramedical Skin Camouflage Consultations may also be booked.  Congenital and acquired non-infectious skin conditions and scarring can have an adverse effect on your life. It may make you loose confidence and your quality of life can be affected. In this consultation you will agree an acceptable skin match and Jules will teach you how to apply manage and remove your camouflage. Camouflage makeup is available on prescription, subject to your Doctor’s discretion.  A letter, addressed to you will be included detailing the agreed skin match products you need , which you may then take to your Doctor.


  • All appointments are to be booked by contacting us on 01934 823820 and leaving a message with your details so we can call you back.
  • email:
  • or by using the “Contact Us” form on our website
  • Opening hours; Tuesday, Wednesday 11-7pm Thursday 10-6pm
  • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Treatments will be available from Tuesday 21st March for those 3 days a week.

We apologise for being indulgent and speaking from the heart ..its simply that there is no other way in our book. Suffice to say a huge thank you to everyone who has ever supported us, bought some products, passed on our information to someone who will benefit or even just smiled at some of our “faux pas” when we don’t get it quite right on Blogs, Social Media. Its simply over enthusiasm. We hope it’s infectious.

Please share this information if you know of someone it would benefit? Thank you.

Welcome to the next stage of our journey. We’d  love you to continue with us and share if you know of anyone who would also benefit from joining us?

Much love to all our wonderful customers, old and new!

Jules and The Outsidethebox Team