2 natural resolutions that will make your eyes smile this January

2 natural resolutions that will make your eyes smile this January


WARNING: Please do not read this if you are of a nervous disposition!

Isn’t it true that we all have habits that are good for us and some that are bad for us but we still do them anyway, don’t we? At one time it was like that with me and makeup. I can’t remember a time (after my teens), when I didn’t wear makeup. It was part of who I was. It made me look good and feel better. “Nothing wrong with that”, I hear you say? As my professional career progressed, I earned more and had a higher disposable income, which I often spent on makeup.

As time went by, I got more blasé about the extent to which I would remove my makeup at night. I was uber busy with work, had a young family ….I certainly had no time to read manufacturers’ labels and anyway the content was far too difficult to understand or even decipher. Generally, society and marketing pressures constantly sent messages to keep “us” looking flawless; As an easily influenced consumer, I would buy anything to help me achieve this. I look back now and understand there was very little information available about the potential effects of what I was putting on my skin could have.

There were days when I thought my skin was protesting about the makeup I was wearing but I would put it to the back of my mind or simply put it down to “hormones” or having a bad day. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is a barometer of our health. It is a major boundary between ourselves and the outside world. It is a complex organ which is affected by physical and psychological stimuli. So, why didn’t I listen to what the skin on my face was telling me? There were days when my face and eyelids started to tingle, irritate me, become red and inflamed. These symptoms would come and go it is true but each time they did they became more severe and would last longer.

There were times when I wouldn’t go outside the front door.  I couldn’t go to work. I couldn’t face anyone. And my face burned so much I felt I wanted literally to tear it off. Often I would see blisters and welts (see Sensitivity to Makeup Pic above), appear under my eyes and on my cheeks. “Why?” I hear you ask “Were you caught in an acid attack or something? ” No! (Thankfully!) This was my skin’s reaction to some mainstream brands of makeup. Now, I want to say right here and now I have worn many brands of makeup for many years with no problem but for whatever reason my skin over time developed a severe sensitivity to some brands. This happened sporadically at first but then became more and more persistent. This began to affect my identity and self esteem. After several visits to Doctors and taking courses of steroids both as tablets and as creams, I finally got to see a Dermatologist.

The Dermatologist shared she was seeing more women present with these symptoms and that if I simply stopped wearing makeup this would remedy the issue. I knew this was right but had to wait to be told by someone whose diagnosis I respected before I would stop compounding the problem.

It is funny where life takes you and I had already been retraining to work in the makeup industry, as a skin camouflage and makeup artist…but after this I decided to take the leap and create makeup products I knew I could wear safely, is kind to my skin and still gives me the look I seek…nothing Hollywood fantastic..just enough to get back my self esteem and feeling good by using natural products that I know my skin loves and doesn’t hate.   Consequently, Outsidethebox Makeup and Skincare was born.

So, whilst kind reader, you may not have experienced any of this personally to date, in an attempt to save you from a potentially similar experience, I would like to introduce you to two of my personal life saver resolutions for my eyes, which I now use everyday: ( and if you would like to try them please use JANUARY10 when you checkout to get 10% discount off your entire basket!) A very happy and healthy 2017 to all.

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