1940’s….when Women were Men…..

1940’s….when Women were Men…..

Looking for a 1940’s dress rehearsal for your Vintage Event? Look no further!

Wartorn 1940’s was the time when women had to turn their hands to jobs which had only previously been done by men. Land Girls, Factory Girls, Pilots, Engineers, Bus Drivers…in fact you name it, women did it! Women took to these new tasks with very little training. Did they enjoy it? Probably not. Their contemporaries were sent off to fight, and many lost loved ones.

In makeup terms bright pigments such as pinks and lime greens were not available,  these came in with a bang in the 1950s – This was a direct reaction to the dullness and lack of variety of the previous decade. In 1940’s there were few dyes, few materials, few everything.
On the Homefront “make do and mend” were very apparent watch words of the 1940’s. The “fall out” of the War Years and Rationing, continued until 1953. The decade started with much of Europe at war, with other nations worldwide soon to be joining the battle. Wartime restrictions affected every aspect of life and that included makeup. Shortage was a watchword. “Spivs” could often be found doing shady deals and ration book trading for “nylons” was rife. Soap was even in short supply and so was alcohol which meant less fragrances and cologne. Some makeup companies such as Revlon even made first aid kits and dye markers for the US Navy.
Shortages meant women had to get creative! Women even used burnt cork with vaseline for mascara or beetroot juice for lippy.

The ingenious use of gravy browning for tanning legs, topped with drawing a black line up the back of the leg to create the illusion of stockings, was another example of women’s creativity. It was all about keeping up morale and by that virtue, appearances. Authentic 1940’s makeup was simple and natural looking. Foundation either matched the skin tone or sometimes was a shade darker. This was then powdered over to give an opaque finish. ( try our Opaque Finishing Powder) To compliment this, a natural rosy glow was achieved with Rouge: Outsidethebox’s Burnet Rose Vintage Rouge fits the bill perfectly. (Simply layer the pigment for darker skin tones and hair colouring)

For the eyes dark browns (Reedmace)  or black (Black Mulberry) with a small eyeliner flick may be used. (The longer flicks again came more  into use in the 1950’s) Eyeshadows were muted browns. (Try Winking Iris or Sneezewort)

Eyebrows were kept fairly natural in thickness, but were sculpted into clean, well defined arches and accented by use of a dark brown pigment. (Reedmace)

Lips were red and luscious. The Hunters Bow epitomised by Joan Crawford, whose film career spanned the 40’s and 50’s became the British Standard. There were all tones of red…probably again as a result of raiding the kitchen for pigments that would create the desired film star, morale boosting, look.

So, does this whet your appetite to learn how to recreate authentic makeup and hairdos (those wonderful Victory Rolls for celebration times or neatly tied headscarves and snoods for when you were at work)? Or if you simply love Vintage Events but never quite achieved the right look to complement your outfit, we can help!

Outsidethebox Makeup and Chantilly Hair Design have teamed up with Walton Castle, Clevedon

 You will learn the tips and tricks of the trade to get just the look you seek!

WHERE: Walton Castle, Castle Rd, Avon, Clevedon BS21 7AA

WHEN:    Tuesday June 7th, 10-1 pm, 2-5pm or 6-9pm (You request your preferred session)

COST:      £30.00 per person

Tea, coffee  and light refreshments will be provided at all sessions!

You will be shown how to create the iconic 1940’s look …come ready dressed a la 1940’s mode!

There is even a Tour of the Castle at the end of the session, with amazing photo opportunities for you to share your experience with your friends and family!



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