10 annoying things about wearing a face covering

10 annoying things about wearing a face covering

My not to be taken too seriously look at what the pitfalls are to mask wearing…and a possible solution!?

We all have our favourite reason for not loving wearing face masks but there is some evidence it can help protect others- especially if you re A-symptomatic. Which do you identify with the

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1. If you wanted to be a Darth Vader auditionee you would be well equipped to do so now. You never realised your breathing was so LOUD did you? And when you take a breath to speak the mask gets sucked in making your tongue feel like it has tissue stuck to it.
2. Your lippy gets smudged. Annoying, because when you take the mask off your lips are smudged. And so is the mask. Oh joy. I love wearing lippy…. no COVID bug is going to tell me what to do!
3. Where is it anyway? You get to the Post Office to post off some orders. Bugger. You have forgotten your mask. A lovely shopper gives one out of the pack of disposables she has just bought.#resoremyfaithinpeople Thank you.
4. Your glasses steam up and your peripheral vision is restricted. You leave a pack of polos you have just bought on the shop counter. Seriously! Do I have mask amnesia now?

Glasses AND a mask? Traps the hot air you breathe out even more.

5. The old guy in front of you in the queue at the veg shop is wearing a mask but slung round his chin like a strap on a busby. What?!?! You’re British. He’s old…..So you don’t say anything. Mistake, you realise it was….when he’s gone.
6. You are not a loud speaking person. It is so uncomfortable to have to notch it up a decibel or six to be heard these days….I think there’s a lot to be said for learning to sign.
7. Something else to not to be able to find in your Summer Tote bag..Along with your keys, shopping list of essentials, and a pen…always a pen…and now we can add your mask to that list…
8. It makes your ears hurt after a few minutes. Bloody thing.
9. It gets tangled in your earrings. Another of life’s little irritations…
10. Your face gets hot and sticky underneath it, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria especially in the hot Summer weather. You are not young any more…. And now you have acne..or what’s it called again?…MASKNE!!….blooming brilliant!

On balance, it has to be said, the policy of wearing masks for work and or indoors when required, does make me feel a little safer as we are all protecting others when wearing one.
Of course, if it does exacerbate your skin issues, which it can, perhaps try some of my
Skin Defender Gel…it is a deeply moisturising and healing FACE MASK GEL which you can apply after cleansing and before moisturising. It’s super effective and will help put back a smile on your face when you take your masks off!